The Shonky

The Shonky for
Woo water goes to… Nature’s Way Kids Smart Natural Medicines

Shonky loves homeopathy. The idea of selling water for upwards of $1000 per litre and claiming it’s medicine represents the very essence of shonkiness. But convincing anxious or desperate parents they can use it to treat their children’s ailments takes it to a whole new level. Introducing the Nature’s Way Kids Smart Natural Medicine range, with variants for colds and flu, hay fever and runny nose, pain and fever, and for calming kids down. Already feather-whipped by the TGA for making unsubstantiated claims about the uses and effectiveness of the products, the company has done nothing to temper its assertions the products might actually do something.”

Every year the Australian consumer watchdog group; Choice, releases its “Shonky Awards”. For the non-Australians among us shonky means dodgy, suspect, misleading or fraudulent. Each year the Shonky Awards highlight the most inefficient, poor value for money and sometimes outright dangerous products or services making their rounds in Australia.

Well the results are in… amongst the usual suspects of ineffective cleaning products, inefficient washing machines and disproportionate service fees is Nature’s Way. As you may have already guessed from the name Nature’s Way is a brand of alternative “natural” medicine products. They earned their Shonky this year for their range of Kids Smart homeopathic remedies. That’s right folks, a range of homeopathy targeted at children!

While homeopathy can be considered a sham at the best of times, targeting worried parents with sick children must surely be considered a new low. Dr Ken Harvey sums up his thoughts on the matter;

Symptoms like ‘restlessness, anxiety, irritability and agitation’ the ‘Calm’ claims to treat can be the symptoms of potentially serious childhood infectious diseases for which a homeopathic remedy is entirely inappropriate, and such misguided treatment might make a parent postpone seeking more appropriate medical advice to the child’s detriment.

In a welcome development the claims of this company have been referred to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the New South Wales Fair Trading commission has written to the ACCC and offered their assistance.


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