Scienicsm: Critical Eye #009 – 15/02/2012

The Sciencism team bring you another round of pseudoscience including physic predictions, loosing the lost Atlantis and “natural” milk.



Astrologer’s specific prediction about the Australian dollar didn’t pan out | Doubtful Newsblog
Who needs evidence for a trial? Psychic KNOWS what happened. | Doubtful Newsblog
Foul called on the E-Cat ‘Cold Fusion’ machine: Observant skeptics spot the flaw | Doubtful Newsblog
$1 million (and more) if the ECAT really works | Doubtful Newsblog
The raw milk controversy: Where “natural” means “may contain harmful bacteria” | Doubtful Newsblog
Acupuncture may have spread cancer: Case study published | Doubtful Newsblog
Caught on camera – Icelandic monster or fishing net? |
Iceland river monster (Lagarfljótsormurinn) mystery solved | Doubtful Newsblog
Cylon Raider or algae? Swedish booze hunters may have made the UFO find of the century | Space, Military and Medicine |
Oops! Atlantis is lost again. Blame Google. | Space, Military and Medicine |

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