#008 Sciencism: Critical Eye – 07/12/2011

In Sciencism: Critical Eye this week, host Ross Balch is joined by Dan Abrahmsen and David Balch.In the skeptical new; is the new Muppets movie brainwashing our kids? Media hype, misconceptions about child abuse. The FDA send warnings to homeopathic weightloss providers. Yet another psychic octopus. Australian scientists speak out about chiropractic degree and the Da Vinci code in the Mona Lisa.


The Muppets brainwash kids. So says Fox News | Doubtful Newsblog
Contrary to media hype, kids are safer today than ever from abuse | Doubtful Newsblog
FDA and FTC send nastygrams to makers of homeopathic HCG diet products | Doubtful Newsblog
Latest media darling octopus predicting the outcome of sports games | Doubtful Newsblog
Australian university calls dispute over chiropractic degree a “turf war” | Doubtful Newsblog
Da Vinci code cracked – Mona Lisa turned on her head | News.com.au

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