#007 Sciencism: Critical Eye – 01/12/2011

This week in Sciencism: Critical Eye, Ross Balch is joined by Dan Abrahmsen and David Balch. We discuss bargain housing in Hong Kong, “spontaneous human combustion” in Sweden, Kevin Trudeau’s court case, anti-vax news and pro vax measures in Australia, electro-magnetic radiation fears, evolution denial, catholic preist thinks Harry Potter is evil, the dangers of asbestos
and the paranormal defense for theft.



Residences in Hong Kong cheap – if someone died there « Doubtful Newsblog
Man burst into flames in Sweden – Spontaneous Human Combustion is hot topic (updated) « Doubtful Newsblog
Shall we have a pity party for Trudeau? « Doubtful Newsblog
Australia’s bold move: Vaccinate your kids or lose money « Doubtful Newsblog
Scandal Exposed in Major Study of Autism and Mercury – Yahoo! News
Chickenpox vaccine is also safe for babies « Doubtful Newsblog
Parents poll results are skewed towards antivax attitude « Doubtful Newsblog
Anti-vax and lax-vax sentiment growing « Doubtful Newsblog
‘Electro-oversensitive’ man in Sweden is a terrible neighbor « Doubtful Newsblog
Canadian parents protest wi-fi exposure in classroom « Doubtful Newsblog
Burzynski bad PR moves continue « Doubtful Newsblog
Go to university and refuse to learn? Maybe you are in the wrong place « Doubtful Newsblog
Catholic priest thinks Harry Potter and Yoga are Satanic and dangerous « Doubtful Newsblog
I didn’t do it – it was paranormal activity « Doubtful Newsblog

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