#006 Sciencism: Critical Eye – 24/11/2011

This week in Sciencism: Critical Eye, Ross Balch is joined by Natalie McKirdy, Dan Abrahmsen and David Balch. We discuss exorcism, gecko trade for traditional medicine, measels outbreak in the UK, hypothes.is new website, 7 year old girl who is “crying” stones and a multiple UFO event over Seattle.


Four guilty over fatal ‘exorcism’ in Australia | Doubtful Newsblog
Four guilty over fatal ‘exorcism’
Gecko trade boom in South-East Asia for TCM | Doubtful Newsblog
TRAFFIC – Wildlife Trade News – Tokay Gecko trade boom in South-East Asia
Measles outbreak in UK | Doubtful Newsblog
Measles sweeps through Brighton and Hove (From The Argus)
Hypothes.is as a tool for skeptical activism | Doubtful Newsblog
Hypothes.is Reaches Funding Goal
7-year-old girl who weeps stones | Doubtful Newsblog
Doctors baffled by 7-year-old who weeps stones
Girl cries crystal tears
Multiple UFOs over Seattle now with potentially multiple explanations | Doubtful Newsblog
UFO spotted in Seattle — what was it? | Seattle’s Big Blog – seattlepi.com

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