#005 Sciencism: Critical Eye – 18/11/2011

In Sciencism: Critical Eye this week; host Ross Balch is joined by Dan Abrahmsen. In science news we discuss why people with sickle-cell anaemia get increased resistance to malaria, a computerised pathologist, magentic cows, the official extinctions of the western black rhino and a new “albino spider”. We talk about the issues of censorship and ideological bias affecting science jouralism. There is an urban legend about “seeing” a nuclear blast even if you are blind. We also have the skeptical news including spontaneous human combustion, strange objects seen on google earth in China, more Jesus pareidolia and strange numerology rituals surrounding 11/11/11. We round off the show by analysing the “evidence” for why powerade improves your performance.


These are the links for the show, I will update proper notes page soon…

Powerade_Isotonic_ABSTRACT.PDF (application/pdf Object)
Inquest coroner disputes spontaneous human combustion explanation | Doubtful Newsblog
Unidentified structures in China’s Gobi desert found on Google Earth | Doubtful Newsblog
Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of the Desert? (Update 3)
Jesus rocks. New example of pareidolia | Doubtful Newsblog
Numerology believers wanted births on 11.11.11 | Doubtful Newsblog
Egypt shuts down Great Pyramid temporarily over “Satanic” rituals on 11-11-11 | Doubtful Newsblog
Eating placenta (pills) for postpartum depression. Other animals do it. | Doubtful Newsblog
Big Bang Theory show spikes interest in college science | Doubtful Newsblog
Sickle-cell mystery solved : Nature News & Comment
The computer will see you now : Nature News & Comment
The mystery of the magnetic cows : Nature News & Comment
New “Albino” Spider Found in Australia
BBC News – Western black rhino declared extinct
The Meningitis Centre – About the Centre
snopes.com: Blind Girl Sees Atom Bomb Flash

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